Air fryers can come in very handy for all your holiday cooking needs. The simple convection ovens that heat food by circulating hot air, have also become a very popular gift item this time of year.

They'll heat up everything from leftovers, vegetables, lean meat, and even frozen foods. They can also help prepare your food without preheating and do it all with less grease and calories for a healthier plate.

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But you may want to take notice of this latest safety recall. Could your fryer cause a potential painful burn while using it?

Over a Hundred Thousand Air Fryers are Being Recalled Due to Possible Burn Hazard

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission says there has been a recall of two models of air fryers sold at major retail chains across New York state. Some of the stores include Target, Kohl's, and Walmart, according to the recall notice.

WETM says that Empower Brands is recalling two models of the PowerXL dual-basket air fryer after a number of reported malfunctions. Some of the reported accidents have led to burns, according to the CPSC.

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WETM reports that the "plastic connector, which can be used to combine two food baskets inside of the units, can break during use and pose a burn hazard."

The CPSC says that the latest recall goes for products labeled PowerXL Dual-Basket Air Fryer models DUAF-005 and DUAF-10. WETM says that the models that are being pulled were sold in black or cinnamon colors between August 2021 to October 2023.

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