This is yet another instance of a freak accident on our highways, that few would ever expect. A New York state man is lucky to be alive, after police say a stray object crashed through his windshield and struck him right in the head. says the scary incident unfolded Thursday afternoon on the New York State Thruway, near Dewitt in Onondaga County.

According to the East Syracuse Fire Department, a flying piece of metal went straight through the windshield of the man's truck, and ended up hitting him in the head. How did this all happen? When emergency crews arrived on the scene, the man says the rogue piece of metal fell off a flatbed tractor trailer that was traveling in front of him on the Thruway. The man was taken to Upstate University Hospital, and is expected to recover.

Who would ever expect an object coming out of nowhere and crashing right though your windshield like that? On the other hand, who'd expect hundreds of soda cans all lining the road in front of you as you travel? That was the case last Tuesday, when a truck on the northbound side of the Hutchinson River Parkway hit a low bridge, causing a large amount of Mountain Dew Kickstart cans to spill all over the road. The truck may have been traveling the road illegally, for commercial vehicles are not allowed on parkways.

Remember in January, when a disabled truck spilled a big fat load of heavy cream all over the southbound side of Route 9 during the Monday morning rush? Hope you hadn't just had your vehicles washed that weekend cause they would have been a quite a mess. But how about barrels of hay? Yes, according to officials, a truck carrying hay struck an overpass on the New York State Thruway, back in early January. The accident caused a large quantity of hay to crash down all over the Thruway, leading to very long delays.

But that's still not as bad as this. In December 2018, a manure truck overturned and spilled four and a half thousand gallons of liquid manure into a nearby ditch. The crash happened in the Wyoming County town of Covington, in the western part of the state. Officials say that the driver had tried to turn on to a road when the truck flipped, causing about half of the truck's payload (lol) spilling all over the ground and in a ditch right off the main road.Yuck. The Daily News says HAZMAT crews were luckily able to stop most of the flow of s**t before it reached the nearby Pearl Creek. To reiterate, most of the flow. Biff Tannen could not be reached for comment.

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