If you think it's crowded in the Hudson Valley now, just wait until later this year.

Real estate agents are reporting an unprecedented number of city residents who are now shopping for homes in the Hudson Valley. Thanks to the pandemic, people living in NYC are expected to flee their highrises and move to Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties.

Kingston real estate agent, Richard Stoll, recently appeared on FOX 5 to discuss the flood of calls he's received from people looking to move out of New York City. Many people living in apartment buildings have been stuck indoors for weeks, not even leaving their apartments in fear of neighbors who are packed tightly together in small hallways and elevators. The thought of having a backyard and being able to walk around a quiet neighborhood has become too tempting to resist, even for live-long city residents.

Another side effect of the pandemic that's expected to boost home sales in the Hudson Valley is the realization that working from home is now a real possibility. Since the stay-at-home order has been given in New York, many workers have found that telecommuting is just as productive as trudging into the office every day. Business owners are also realizing that video chats and connecting with employees online can be even more efficient than paying expensive rent just to hold meetings in a conference room.

It's expected that many employees will be cutting down on the number of days they will be expected to work in a physical office, even after the pandemic is completely over. This means living in the Hudson Valley is something that can be practical, and even enjoyable for those who completely dread commuting.

Just how this expected influx of residents may impact home prices or the quality of life for current residents is yet to be determined. But one thing is certain; things will never be the same again.

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