The average drinking and driving arrest costs up to $10,000. The New York State Police will be in full force this weekend to save lives and help you avoid the financial costs.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that New York State Police and local law enforcement around the Capital Region will have an increased presence on our streets as they crack down on drunk and drugged driving this 4th of July weekend. As you head out you may encounter sobriety checkpoints between Friday July 2nd and Monday July 5th.

It's finally here! Our first national holiday since the pandemic started where we can feel free to get together with family and friends. Now that we have over 70% of New Yorkers vaccinated, I will be attending my first 2 concerts of 2021 and I can't wait. If you are celebrating Independence Day with some adult beverages, please do it responsibly.


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With all that we've been through over the last sixteen months, we certainly want New Yorkers to have fun this holiday weekend and celebrate, but we also want them to do so responsibly," Governor Cuomo said. "Getting behind the wheel while impaired is a choice that often ends in tragedy. Make the right choice this year and plan ahead for a sober and safe ride home.

This weekend police officers will also be looking for motorists who are using their phones and other electronic devices while behind the wheel. One way they will increase their chance of identify distracted drivers is to employ the use of Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement vehicles.

Before you start the party, download the Have A Plan mobile app. The app enables New Yorkers to locate and call a taxi or rideshare service and program a designated driver list.

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