This is definitely one of the day's more unusual stories.

The Times Union says that a 79-year-old Capitol District man had been charged with illegally cutting down branches at a nearby Burger King in Brunswick, N.Y.

His reason? The man said the trees were blocking his view of the deer that would hang out behind the fast food restaurant. Guess he's got a soft spot for nature?

The Times Union says the elderly man was seen cutting the branches off the trees. Once police arrived to question him, he had fled. He was later found in his car at a Dunkin Donuts. No word yet if he cut all their trees down to look at animals.

Apparently, he's got a bit of rap sheet for these sort of things. The Times Union says back in 2009, the same man was busted pouring maple syrup into the gas tanks of peoples' cars.

His latest offense earned him a ticket. He was later released so he can go back to watching the deer.