This guy doesn't ever seem to learn.

Officials say a New York state man who's already done four stints in prison could be heading back once again. The Post Standard says he just got out of prison in 2022 after running a drug smuggling ring and was recently arrested again for allegedly sending threatening texts.

Police say his very latest run-in with the law involves a stolen vehicle and a chase that ended up on Route 9.

Bail Reform 

The 2019 Bail Reform continues to be a controversial subject, as its opponents say it allows repeat offenders to be released only to commit the same crimes again. The reform went into effect in January 2020 and largely did away with cash bail for many misdemeanor and nonviolent felony charges.

State Budget to Give New York Judges More Power? 

Recently, Governor Kathy Hochul reached an agreement as part of the New York state budget to modify bail reform again. Gothamist says that the new agreement will eliminate the requirement that judges opt for the “least restrictive” standard when considering bail for those accused of more violent and serious crimes.

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Police Say NY State Man Leads Officials on 29-mile Chase

New York State police said that the 45-year suspect was arrested in late April for an outstanding warrant after a resident reported he sent threatening text messages. The same day he was back out on the streets, and soon walked over to a Stewart’s Shop in Wilton, according to The Post Standard. 


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Troopers say the same suspect then stole a vehicle and was later seen on I-87. When authorities tried to pull him over he reportedly kept driving and lead police on a chase southbound onto Route 9 in Halfmoon.

Police said he was finally arrested and charged and was soon arraigned for the second time one day at the Wilton Town Court. This time he was ordered to be jailed without bail, according to the Post Standard.

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