It was three years ago when the state of New York legalized recreational marijuana. However, as many know, the rollout has been painfully slow.

*** UPDATE: The Olean Times Herald reports that the Cannabis Control Board finally approved rules that would allow anyone 21 or older to cultivate their own marijuana plants at home.

The Cannabis Board had suddenly canceled their monthly meeting in January, where they were expected to move forward with the regulations ***

One of the original clauses in the approval was to allow home gardeners to grow marijuana in their own homes, though they had to wait for the Office of Cannabis Management to lay down the details, says The New York Post. 

It appears that the wait is finally over. What does this mean for home growers in New York? Granted, many still grew weed in their home anyway, but this at least is a step in the right direction.

Current Number of Dispensaries, According to the NY Office of Cannabis Management 

According to Cannabis NY, there are currently 51 legal recreational weed dispensaries operating in New York state, with some of them running on a delivery-only basis.

New York to Allow Growers to Grow Marijuana in Their Homes 

The Post says that New York residents over 21 will able to "cultivate a maximum of six mature marijuana plants and posses up to five pounds of flower or concentrate from those buds per household."

Fox 5 NY adds that six immature plants will also be allowed per household.

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The Cannabis Board is expected to officially approve the measures this week, though there will be be a 60 day public comment period before the rules actually go into effect.

The OCM is expected to also add a few other stipulations; such as pot plants being kept out of public sight, and forbidding a person from growing cannabis at multiple addresses.

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