So, here's something on a slow news day. Police are looking for so-called "tough guy" who took his apparent frustrations out on a defenseless pumpkin. This also isn't the first time he's struck, according to the NY Post. 

See the video HERE at NY Post. 

Police at 68th Precinct took to Facebook to share the video of the man wearing a black hat and jacket, who casually strolled up to the pumpkin that was sitting outside of 63 year-old Herbert Kalloff's home. From there, the gangsta looks to see if the coast was clear, then picks up the helpless pumpkin and smashes it to the ground.

But he wasn't done. The surveillance video shows the fedora wearing tough guy picking the pumpkin back up and hurling it to the ground one more time for good measure. Then, he turns and struts off down the sidewalk like he owned the whole damn block.

This also wasn't the first time he struck this particular home. Early on September 29, the same man can be seen destroying a pumpkin on Kallof's property. Several nearby neighbors have teamed up and taken to Facebook to help Kallof find this Halloween menace.

NBC says the "attack" happened Wednesday in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It is unclear if the wannabe thug has some sort of issue with Kallof, who's pumpkins he just obliterated. Perhaps he was just angry at something else or maybe bored?

Kallof told the NY Post that a neighbor helped him replace the second pumpkin. Kallof has even considered booby traps, such as coating the gourd with Vaseline.  

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