You may not be able to grab one of those introductory $69 flights to Europe, but we found some crazy low fairs from Newburgh that are still available.

This week we reported that Norwegian Air officially announced they will be making daily trips to Ireland and the UK starting this spring. As a way to generate excitement over the new low-fair airline, Norwegian Air offered some introductory flights for just $69. Those super-cheap seats sold out quickly, but we found that there were still some incredibly low priced tickets to Europe, if you're willing to make a few sacrifices.

First of all, Norwegian Air's "LowFare" prices include no extras. So if you're just looking for a seat on the plane and can pack everything you need for a week in Europe in a carry-on bag, you're in luck. Otherwise, you'll have to spring for a few extras. That still doesn't mean that it's going to be expensive.

For example, we found a flight from Newburgh to Edinburgh Scotland in November that was just $99 from Newburgh. Flights back home are a little more expensive, but the cheapest round trip ticket for the week was just $331.80.  That includes all taxes and fees. Seriously, that's cheaper than some flights to Florida from Newburgh. A round trip flight to Shannon Airport in Ireland was even cheaper. During the same week round-trip tickets are available for only $263.90, including all taxes and fees.

If you are going to check a bag under 50lbs, Norwegian Air will charge you an extra $42. This brings the round trip fair for that trip to Scotland up to just $415, which is still pretty amazing. Now, if you also want something to eat on your 5-hour flight, your best bet is to upgrade to a "Lowfare+" ticket. This option adds a free checked bag and a meal. It also allows you to reserve your specific seat on the plane. On the exact same trip from Newburgh to Edinburgh in November the price for the additional services brings the grand total to $471.  It's a a bit more than the "LowFare" rate, but still very affordable for a flight to Europe.

We're told that prices aren't expected to jump higher than they are listed right now on the Norwegian Air website. So if you're looking to escape to Europe, these non-stop flights from right here in the Hudson Valley are a pretty incredible value.

And it looks like Norwegian Air is already anticipating a high demand, as they are aggressively advertising for more pilots to fill positions on new routes: