You can find TGI Fridays potato skin snacks at many supermarkets, delis, or corner stores for generally under two dollars. The chain restaurant's famous appetizer is available in several different flavors to choose from too.  One Bronx woman, however, feels customers aren't exactly getting all they're promised.

The NY Post is reporting that the woman bought the Sour Cream and Onion Potato Skins from a bodega and became very upset that the "potato skins" advertised on the bag weren't, in fact, real potato skins.

So, she's doing what any rational person would do in such a case, according to the Post. She's suing. Yes. The woman's suit claims TGI Fridays is taking advantage of people who may be tricked into thinking that the potato skin snacks are more nutritious, only to get processed chips in a bag instead.

Basically, misleading advertising.

There is no indication from the Post just how much money in damages that the woman is seeking.

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