An unlikely friendship was struck up, when a woman rescued a Mottled Houdan rooster that had been seen wandering the streets. The NY Post says the Park Slope woman saw the bird resting on top of an eight foot inflatable Santa near a restaurant Thursday night. The woman was able to capture the lost rooster and is keeping it in her bathroom.

She's even given it a name; Elizabeth Warrhen. Yes, in spite of being a male, the bird was named after the Massachusetts politician and presidential hopeful. Now, the woman is trying to find the bird a permanent home. by the way, there appears to be no word why the woman named the rooster after Warrhen.

The Stromberg's Chickens website describes Mottled Houdans as being from France, and for "having a friendly, docile nature, with long speckled shanks and beautiful full crest."

No one knows where the exotic, mohawk-wearing fowl came from. Some on social media have described the bird's appearance as everything from "punk rock", to resembling a 1980s-era Tina Turner.

He's in our bathroom still, he's very social, not aggressive. It seems like he was somebody's backyard animal, and they just let him go or he got loose.

A number of people had spotted the rooster in various places over the past few weeks. The bird was described as being cold and hungry when brought in, though is in good health. According to the Bushwick City Farm, it is illegal to keep a rooster as a pet in New York City though.

The woman told the Post she plans on bringing the rooster to friends in Vermont if an owner doesn't step forward soon.

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