With the announcement recently that ID is now needed in New York to purchase canned whipped cream, state officials have now offered up clarification.

We recently reported about a new Stewarts Shops policy that requires ID to purchase canned whipped cream, which was actually the direct result of a new New York State bill. A state senator that came up with the bill now says that he never intended to ban canned whipped cream from minors.

According to WNYT NewsChannel 13, Joseph Addabbo who wrote the bill says his intention with the bill was to ban the sale of whipped cream chargers that come inside the cans to those under 21. They are often sold separately, and the concern was over kids getting high with the nitrous oxide inside of them.


So it doesn't ban the sale of whipped cream cans, but the damage is already done, as many businesses, including Stewart's Shops, who apparently didn't have a clear understanding of the new bill, announced that they were banning the sale of the cans to people under 21. Addabbo went on to say that the state has been littered with empty chargers and that the bill has already helped change that.

So What Happens Now?

No word at the moment as to if the businesses that had been carding people for canned whipped cream are going to continue the practice. I guess legally they can't, right? Or can they? I'm really not sure, to be honest, but if it helps keep minors from getting high off the cartridges, it may not be a bad idea.

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