A new policy at Stewart's Shops throughout the Hudson Valley requires ID for the purchase of canned whipped cream.

Stewart's Shops headquarters is located in Ballston Spa, NY, and serves Eastern Upstate NY and southwestern Vermont. The chain has 350-plus locations with many around the Hudson Valley. Known for branded ice cream, potato chips, hard rolls, root beer, milk, coffee, and other drinks, three-fourths of their stores also sell gasoline.

For me, Stewart's Shops is a daily visit, while commuting to work in Poughkeepsie. It's always been a favorite convenience store and I usually always will stop in whether it be for a drink or a quick bite to eat.

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It was recently reported that you now need to be 21 and over to buy whipped cream in the Hudson Valley.

ID Now Required to Purchase Canned Whipped Cream at Stewart's Shops

According to CBS 6 Albany, a new state law requirement for customers buying cans of whipped cream states that they can't be sold to people under 21 due to the cans containing compressed nitrous oxide and their illicit and dangerous use as an inhalant. We've all heard of whippets, haven't we? Whippits, also called "laughing gas" or "hippy crack," is a slang term for the steel cartridges filled with nitrous oxide, that are found in whipped cream cans. It's often used as a recreational inhalant. Some people abuse nitrous oxide for its euphoric, relaxing and dissociative effects. It's been a serious issue for a long time and this is just one, small step in trying to help eradicate the problem.

So the next time you visit your local Stewart's Shops and want to purchase a can of whipped cream, don't be surprised when they ask for your ID. Be sure to have your ID ready for checking. It's the law.

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