This was not how we pictured things going into 2020. None the less, we are amid a worldwide pandemic and the whole wearing a mask in public issue remains quite a point of contention for some. Sadly, a fight over a mask has cost one New York state man his life. This may be the first case of this happening in the country, and unfortunately it happened right in this state.

WKBW is reporting that a 65 year-old West Seneca, NY man was charged with criminally negligent homicide after a dispute at a bar September 26 lead to the death of an 80 year-old man. The Erie County DA said the confrontation happened after the older man approached the other man when he saw he wasn't wearing a mask.

The 65 year-old maskless suspect had apparently brought buckets of beer to see a band play outside the bar. The DA said this lead to the dispute, and the younger of two men allegedly shoved the other man with both hands.

WKBW says the older man fell and hit his head on the ground after the "hard" shove, knocking him unconscious. He was taken to the hospital where he was unresponsive for days. He would die September 30.

The defendant allegedly stood up from the bar stool and pushed him with two hands, and he pushed him pretty hard. The victim went flying back, hit his head on the ground, on the floor, of the bar.

The cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma to the head. There could be a bit of a history between the two, however. According to WIVB, the DA said witnesses said the two men “just did not like one another” , so this may have a little more to do that just a mask.

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