You snooze, you lose. This was the case for one New York state man, who officials say passed out behind the wheel in the middle of the road early Friday morning. There is no word exactly how intoxicated the suspect allegedly was at the time of his siesta. But it's clearly safe to say this guy had no business operating a motor vehicle of any kind.

The New York DMV website says that a first-time Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving While Impaired by a Drug (DWAI-Drug) offense can carry a fine of $500 to $1,000. The offender can also have their license revoked for at least six months.

New York State Man Passed Out Behind Wheel in Traffic 

WIVT says that deputies found the 56-year-old Smyrna man drunk and unconscious behind the wheel Friday morning. The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office says the sleeping man was discovered in the running vehicle, which was stopped in traffic in the area of Route 13 in Cortlandville.

WIVT says the time of the offense was around 6 AM, so this guy must have had quite a night.

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Police say he is now facing multiple charges, including Driving While Intoxicated and Stopping/Parking on the Highway.

Hudson Valley Man Allegedly Almost Hit Deputies 

It was a close call for authorities one early morning in November, as officials say an intoxicated Hudson Valley man was driving at a high rate of speed on a busy state route. Deputies say they were already interviewing another subject, who had been pulled over when the allegedly intoxicated driver nearly crashed into them.


The Ulster County Sheriff's Office said on their Facebook page that they had pulled over another vehicle on State Route 32 in Tillson around 3:45 AM on November 12.

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Officials say they were talking to the other subject when the other vehicle passed them at a high rate of speed as it traveled northbound.

The Sheriff's Office says they stopped the other vehicle on Route 32 near the Rosendale Recreation Center and determined the 29-year-old driver was intoxicated.

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