Walmart's motto simply states that they want to "save people money so they can live better". Makes sense, right? Well, perhaps one New York state man is not living his best life right now, as he stands accused of threatening to blow up a Walmart in the Capitol Region. And it all stems from an incident involving this particular man being kicked out of the store, according to WNYT. Looks like he had a score to settle.

The Saratoga Sheriff's office says the Schenectady man had been removed from the Walmart in Wilton for an undisclosed incident. This apparently didn't sit too well with this gentleman, as he then allegedly called 911 Sunday and said he was going to blow up the store in retaliation. However, police with K-9 units did not find any explosive devices upon their search of the area. While it all sounded quite serious, it appears to have been a hoax.

WNYT says the man was found on a bus, on his way home to Schenectady. He was arrested an is being held without bail.

If the town of Wilton, NY sounds a bit familiar, you may remember this story from the summer of 2020, involving an area man and his battle with town officials. The man wanted to build a workshop on his property, but when the town said no, he took matters into his own hands. WNYT says the 32 year-old resident erected a giant 7-foot tall wooden penis display on his front lawn, as a kind way to express his feelings on the whole matter.

As they say, some heroes don't wear capes. As of September 2020, the Wilton man resolved to stand firm on the issue and not wilt soft in front of locals leaders. He claims most in town found the giant boner statue amusing, though there may have been one or two neighbors who insisted on spoiling the fun for everyone regardless.

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