it was quite a scene late Tuesday night, as police say a New York state man lead authorities on a long chase that started on the Thruway, and proceeded through several towns. By the time this guy was busted it was already Wednesday.

Offcials say the wild chase also involved a police helicopter, as well as more than one carjacking, with some victims literally thrown from their vehicles as the suspect attempted to flee. And according to police, this suspect has already seen his share of trouble with the law, as he's had town stints in prison.

The Chase

A joint news release says that police tried to stop the 40-year-old suspect on the NY State Thruway right before midnight Tuesday. The Post Standard says that this repeat offender had other ideas, as he fled towards Syracuse in the vehicle he was driving. Police said the Onondaga County Sheriff’s helicopter Air 1 pursued the runaway suspect, though offcials on the ground called off their pursuit as the situation was getting quite dangerous.

Grand Theft Auto

From there, police say the suspect arrived at a Citgo Gas Station and carjacked a vehicle occupied by three people that was parked outside. The Post Standard said two of the occupants exited on their own, while the third was thrown from the vehicle by the suspect. Police say the same guy was then on to a Valero, where he crashed into yet another car, hit the driver with a knife, and then forced the occupants of that vehicle out.

According to FOX 5, carjackings in cities like New York have spiked 288% from 2019 to 2021. The Insurance Information Institute says that there were 19.556 vehicles stolen in New York state as a whole in 2020.



The Post Standard said police spotted the suspect in the second stolen vehicle, and were finally able to stop the car with stop sticks. The vehicle became disabled in the town of Manilus, where the man was arrested and taken off the road for the good of everything. He is now facing a slew of charges, including robbery and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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