Or maybe we should replace strange in the headline with just plain careless?

Outfielder Brandon Nimmo missed a spring training game Wednesday after he got sick from undercooked chicken. The NY Post says Mets Manager Mickey Callaway says Nimmo will probably miss Thursday's game as well. Callaway didn't mince words when it came to laying blame: 

He cooked some chicken and didn’t know how to cook, so he was throwing up all night. We have to teach him how to cook so he doesn’t miss any more games.

While these are just exhibition games and don't count for regular season wins, Mets fans know all too well about bizarre accidents and the bad luck that has plagued their franchise for so many years. Pitcher Bob Ojeda almost took his own finger off once while hedge trimming. Then you had Keith Hernandez who hurt himself jogging.

Or how about Noah Syndergaard missing action in 2018 due to hand, foot, and mouth disease? Isn't that something only kids get? And we also had the story of Matt Harvey and his "migraine".

Here's to Nimmo's quick recovery and to hoping he receives some basic cooking lessons.

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