Pearl Jam kicked off their tour on Saturday (May 4) with Mike McCready still getting familiar with the band's stage setup, having taken a tumble offstage.

McCready Falls Offstage In Vancouver

Pearl Jam ripped through 16 songs at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Saturday before playing "Porch," the final song before the encore portion of the set.

McCready was mid-solo when he misstepped right off the stage.

In a fan-captured video seen below, McCready looks as though he is going to walk down to a lowered part of the stage. Unfortunately, he may have missed the steps all together.

McCready's body was swallowed by darkness as only the neck of his guitar was visible to the crowd for a brief period. Amazingly, he did not miss a single note of the solo as he was helped back to his feet.

While the fall likely hurt, McCready seemed to be moving well around the stage during the rest of "Porch." He also returned for the band's eight-song encore.

What To Expect From Pearl Jam's Dark Matter World Tour

Pearl Jam is back for another round at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver tonight before heading to the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon on May 10.

The opening night of their tour saw the band heavily leaning on their latest release, Dark Matter. Early in the set, they played the album's first four songs in order.

In all, they played nine of the 11 tracks off Dark Matter. 

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Pulling several tracks from their latest release isn't a new concept for a Pearl Jam show. The band's last album, Gigaton, came out in 2020. Their first show back following its release featured six of the album's 12 songs.

One notable exception from Saturday's setlist was "Even Flow." lists the title as the song most often played live by Pearl Jam with 906 plays over the years.

"Even Flow" was staple until the final two dates of their 2023 tour before it was dropped from the setlist.

Here is a breakdown of which songs Pearl Jam has played the most.

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