What exactly is going on here? Anyone know where Mets pitching star Matt Harvey was Friday night?

Harvey was reportedly out past team curfew according to the NY Post and it cost him a three game suspension. Harvey was also out playing golf Saturday morning before the Mets' game against Miami. Harvey did not show to Citi Field because of a migraine.

He was pulled from a Sunday start.

Harvey said at a press conference at Citi Field:

It’s completely my fault. I’m extremely embarrassed by my actions.


I apologized for my actions and I do apologize for my actions. Yes, I was out on Friday night on past curfew. I did play golf Saturday morning, and put myself in a bad place for showing up to a ballgame that is my responsibility.

Page Six says Harvey was out late partying on West 17th Street for Cinco de Mayo. Maybe it doesn't really sound like too big of a deal, but the Mets star has struggled this year, and the team wasn't in the mood for any BS.

The Mets even sent security to Harvey's apartment Saturday night to check on him.

Harvey is set to start again on the mound Friday in Milwaukee.