In yet another pointless lawsuit, one New York state man is demanding he gets his unlimited refills from NBC Universal's Island of Adventure. And when he says he's demanding it, he really means it. The suit says he was "attempting to quench his thirst and refill his cup again" but was turned down, and goes on to accuse the parks of “making its ‘unlimited’ representations false and misleading".

WGRZ reports that the man bought an unlimited refill cup when he visited Universal's Island of Adventure in Orlando July 31. The cup was a special refillable souvenir that cost a whopping $16.99 when he initially bought it. There is a catch though. Each specially fitted cup has a drink limit: one refill every 10 minutes or six refills an hour. Sounds fair, right? The next day, the man reactivated the cup for $8.99 at the Volcano Bay Park.

WGRZ says that each cup has a special chip, which is used to scan for refills at certain Coca-Cola machines. When our thirsty tried to refill his cup he was denied and told he had to wait. This man apparently doesn't wait for anyone.

Our soda-guzzling seeker of justice claims the parks shorted him, as he “paid the above sum on the assumption he was purchasing products that would conveniently allow him to refill his cup whenever and however many times he wanted.” WGRZ does not go into detail exactly what he was drinking, but if it's really soda, then maybe he should slow down? That can't be healthy.

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