Have you noticed anyone new on your mail route lately? You just never know who's out there handling your deliveries, as a New York state man was sentenced Thursday for stealing from peoples' mailboxes. What makes this case even stranger is that prosecutors say the 24-year-old Brooklyn man dressed up as a mailman and posed as the postal service when the crimes were committed. Yeah, that's a bit freaky.

Now, prosecutors say this postal poseur will serve six months home detention, three years of supervised release, and be required to serve 120 hours of community service. Syracuse.com says that the mailbox bandit was able to get a United States Postal Service jacket and key from an actual USPS employee. Prosecutors say the man stole from mail collection boxes in Liverpool, NY, including 49 pieces of first-class mail. Well, guess at least he didn't dump all the mail in the woods like this guy? In April, CBS says that a former postal worker from Cobleskill admitted to dumping 5,833 pieces of mail over a six-month period. Think this guy was a little pissed off, or what?

But while we're talking about some who may be taking from mailboxes, what about those who are leaving things? This somewhat bizarre story popped up on Reddit, where a postal worker said that some delivery employees have been known to leave dryer sheets in customers' mailboxes to ward off stinging insects. like wasps and yellow jackets. We had asked if anyone had ever experienced this, or is this just another dubious story that spreads across the internet but turns out to be a hoax?

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