Sometimes while scrolling on the interwebs, you come across information that makes you go "Hum, the more you know I guess."

That's exactly how we got to where we are in this moment. While researching for a completely different story I came across a website called and found interesting facts about prisons in New York State.

One, in particular, caught my eye. Did you know that there are only 4 states in the US that still allow Conjugal Visits? One of those states guessed it, New York. The other 3 are California, Connecticut, and Washington.

What is a Conjugal Visit?

According to a Conjugal Visit is defined as:

Private time that a prisoner may spend with a spouse or married partner. The idea behind such visitation is to allow inmates to have intimate contact, that is, sex, with their partners. Depending on the state's extended family visitation program, a conjugal or extended family visit may last a few hours or overnight.

The website goes on to explain that back in 1993 there were 17 states that allowed conjugal visits, but in time that number has obviously dwindled.


Conjugal Visit Gets an Update

Conjugal Visits, due to how it is portrayed on television and in the movies, generally has a sexual connotation. However, its main goal is to reunite families in a home-like setting for well-behaved inmates. Now, in New York State, conjugal visits are known as the Family Reunion Program. The New York State DOC explains:

The Family Reunion Program (FRP) provides approved incarcerated individuals and their families the opportunity to meet for a designated period of time in a private home-like setting.

The goals of the program include:

  • Preserving and strengthening family ties that have been disrupted as a result of incarceration.

  • Fostering positive and responsible conduct.

  • Facilitating post-release reintegration into the family and community, thereby reducing the likelihood of recidivism.

You can learn more about the Family Reunion Program and what Hudson Valley prisons it's offered in at DOCS.NY.GOV.

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