In what may be a first, a high school student is in serious hot water for actually wanted to be in school, rather than as far away from it as possible.

One New York state high school student is looking at a five day suspension after showing up in-person to class, when the school said he should have been at home instead. The NY Post says the high school senior, from Long Island, was scheduled to partake in remote learning Tuesday, but decided to drop in the actual classroom instead.

The 17 year-old even says that school staff took his temperature as he went on to his first period class. When he was not found on the roster for in-person classes, he was sent to the principal. That's when the student, perhaps, not ironically named Maverick, decided he'd head back to the classroom again. Seems Maverick wanted to be there.

WABC says he finished the day, but was then told he was suspended for five days. The William Floyd School District told ABC:

Students who refuse to adhere to their scheduled in-person days and/or flagrantly disregard directives to leave school grounds and cause a disruptive environment for other students, will face disciplinary actions.

Maverick's parents say they're supporting their son. Maverick told the press that he feels it's very important for students to physically be in the class five days a week. Well, least he's not picking fights and smoking meth in the parking lot, we suppose.

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