Sometimes you shouldn't leave your kids unattended. A 4-year-old boy from New York, obsessed with SpongeBob Squarepants, inadvertently put his mother in quite a bind by placing a rather large online order without her knowing. Whoops. You thought your late-night spending sprees were bad? But luckily this story has a happy ending.

The NY Post says that the boy from Brooklyn placed a $2,618.85 order on Amazon to be delivered to his aunt's house. What did he order? SpongeBob popsicles. A lot of them. That's 51 cases, for a total of 918 popsicles. Whoa. Well, it's May, so we guess he was just wanting to stay cool with the summer months ahead? Did we also mention because he ordered frozen food that the order is nonrefundable?

The Post says that the boy's mother is a 44-year-old mother of three, who's also going for a Master's Degree at NYU. How was she going to pay this off given all her other daily costs, as well as student loans? The good news is that a very generous classmate of the boy's mother set up a GoFundMe page, and the bill has already more than been paid off. It actually gives you some hope for humanity. The mother thanked everyone for the kindness and said the money will go towards education and support for her son who is living with autism.

Still, there is no word from the Post, or the family, just who's going to eat all those popsicles. Do they even have the space to store an order that huge?

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