Late last week, a New Rochelle man was arrested and charged for a robbery that took place this past April in Yonkers. The robbery took place at the Tandem Lot located on New York State Thruway, I87 and the cargo was three semi-trailers, each one containing different varieties of consumer goods.

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New York State Police Investigation

From the time the robbery took place up until last week when an arrest was made, the New York State Police had been busy conducting their investigation to get the guy. Over the investigation, many agencies also assisted with the case, including the Westchester District Attorney's Office, as well as both the Yonkers and New Rochelle police departments.

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This brings us to last week when an arrest was finally made by the NYS Police. NYS Police arrested Kelvin Garcia Liriano a 27-year-old man of New Rochelle. Garcia Liriano was officially charged with three counts of grand larceny, all in the 2nd degree.

New York State Police
New York State Police

Reports indicate that the trailers loaded with goods had an estimated value of over $250,000. Following the arrest, Garcia Liriano was arraigned in Yonkers City Court and remanded to the Westchester County Jail. Reports also indicate that Garcia Liriano is scheduled to be back in court on May 23, 2023.

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Details Behind Grand Larceny Charge in New York State

The crime of Grand Larceny in the 2nd degree is considered a felony and the subsequent penalty if found guilty can vary. The variance usually would stem from whether or not the individual if found guilty possessed a prior criminal record. That's not to say that if you were a first-time offender, you would dodge jail time entirely, but it is a possibility. If jail time is on the table, the maximum sentence would be 15 years. In addition, for individuals with a criminal record that is relevant within the past 10 years, it is recommended that they serve an immediate 4-6 sentence.

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All of that being said, reports did not state whether or not Garcia Liriano possessed a prior criminal record. Basic math does say one thing though and it's that with 3 charges of a grand larceny and a max sentence of 15 years a piece, that would mean it may be possible for Garcia Liriano to be staring in the face of a 45-year sentence. This is just an assumption based on the information available but it would be fair to assume that the fate of Garcia Liriano will be more clear when he does reappear in court on May 23.


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NYS Police following this case as always has advised the public that if anyone has information on this case or any crime they should get in contact with their local police departments or the NYS Police themselves. NYS Police can be contacted via this number 1-844-NYS-TIPS and calls to this line are considered 'confidential'.

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