Have you ever wanted to own a naked statue of the President?

You may remember in August 2016 when a crude looking statue of a naked Donald Trump suddenly appeared in Union Square? The sculpture certainly caused a stir, but it was not the only one that appeared that day. Naked Trumps were popping up in other U.S. cities, such as San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, and Seattle.

Some found the prank amusing, while others were repulsed and wondered why in the hell anyone do something like this? What was the point?

The props were the work of an artist from Cleveland, and now the only life-size statue that wasn't vandalized that day will go up for auction May 2 at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ,  according to ABC News. 

If you think this is a gigantic waste of time, you're probably right. However, ABC says the naked Donald is expected to go for $20,000 to $30,000. Not sure who would want to spend that much money on something like this, but you know there's always one oddball out there who will.

Stormy Daniels was not available for comment.

2016 was certainly one of the craziest election years in recent memory. Sure enough, two months after naked Trump gave the world a show...along came naked Hillary. We can all probably agree...most politicians are better off keeping their clothes on.