New York state Attorney General Schneiderman has accused Domino's Pizza of cheating workers at ten stores in the state out of at least $565,000 in wages. The NY Daily News reports that the violations go back four years.

According to the lawsuit, Domino's used a payroll system known as PULSE that under-calculated its employees' wages. The suit also says that Domino's continued to use the flawed system even when they were aware it wasn't working properly.

Domino's spokesman Tim McIntyre claims that the Attorney General's suit hurts franchising and the role of small businesses instead of actually fixing the problem. McIntyre claims that Domino's had been working with Schneiderman's office to make sure the company followed regulations.

Schneiderman's suit not only targeted Domino's corporate, but franchise owners Anthony Maestri, Schueb Ahmed and Matthew Denman, who owned stores in New York City, and also Nassau and Montgomery counties.