Hard seltzer still seems to be all the rage, and now we'll be seeing more of it here in the Hudson Valley soon. PepsiCo announced that a Mountain Dew flavored hard seltzer will be coming to the Hudson Valley and the rest of the country by early 2022. Hard seltzer and soda mixed together? Is this a good thing?

Reuters reports that Boston Beer's Truly hard seltzer will develop the new alcoholic beverage, which will simply be called Hard Mtn Dew. The move comes shortly after Coca-Cola's announcement that their Topo Chico sparkling water would soon be available in alcoholic form by early next year. This would be Coke's first alcoholic drink to come to the United States after introducing a lemon flavored boozy beverage called Lemon-Do in Japan in 2018. 

The new Mountain Dew hard seltzer will have an alcoholic content of 5%. Of course, if sales are successful, stronger version could be available somewhere down the line. Earlier this year, both Truly and rival White Claw announced the release of a much stronger versions of their popular hard seltzers  And with fall and pumpkin season not too far off, there is already a new pumpkin flavored hard seltzer out on the market, if that's your thing.

Meanwhile, Mountain Dew has certainly been creatively branching out over the past several years with their product. In October 2020, they announced their very own citrus soda flavored hot sauce, that they were developing with N.B.A. star Joel Embid. They also teamed up with seafood chain giant Red Lobster to release their very own margarita. Yum (?). And then there was Mountain Dew Doritos. Anyone ever have these? We hear they're not actually so bad.

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