Make way for Major Melon! What the heck is this? This is the name of the brand new Mountain Dew flavor that is coming to stores across the country, including the Hudson Valley. If you crave the flavor of watermelon in your soda, then this could just be your thing. The soda company announced their first new flavor since 2010, according to And if you're looking to cut back on the sugar and watch your waistline, Major Melon will also be available sugar free.

The colorful boxes the soda comes in are even decked out with an angry looking melon wearing a helmet and dog tags, hence the name.

LoHud says the soda will be available in  20-ounce bottles, 2 liter bottles, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans. Perfect if you're planning a Super Bowl party for all by yourself this year.

Mountain Dew is known for mixing it up when it comes to their many (sometimes unusual) flavors. As of 2019, some of the the available flavors include; Mountain Dew Ice, Sweet Lightning, Mango Lime, White Out, Code Red, Pitch Black and others.

Mountain Dew has certainly been creatively branching out over the past several years, for better or worse. In October, they announced their very own citrus soda flavored hot sauce, that they were developing with N.B.A. star Joel Embid. They also recently teamed up with seafood chain giant Red Lobster to release their very own margarita. You can have several of these and then barf out whatever biscuits and cheap seafood you had for dinner while crying yourself to sleep. Yum. And then there was Mountain Dew Doritos. Anyone ever have these? We hear they're not so bad.

Hey, we could all be stuck at home more often than not for the rest of the cold winter that still lies ahead? Why not indulge a little bit?

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