Autumn is the time of year when moose are most active. These majestic animals are so active around October and November, that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has to remind motorists to be extra aware on the roads for moose crossing.

While moose are more likely to stay in the Northern latitudes, such as upper New England and Canada, they can be found in New York state as well.

The New York DEC says that the majority of New York moose stay closer to the Adirondacks, but can also be found in the Catskills, the Taconic highlands near the borders of Massachusetts and Vermont, and even in areas like the Hudson Valley.

Moose Goes For a Swim

Recently, the Life in the Adirondacks Facebook page shared a video of a moose going for a swim across the fourth lake in Old Forge, NY. While moose are mostly known for staying on land, they're quite prolific swimmers as well.

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According to the Teton Science Schools page, moose are pretty fast swimmers for animals their size. Moose have been observed swimming distances over ten miles, in search of food and habitat.

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Moose can also reach swimming speeds of up to six miles per hour, according to experts. And while that doesn't sound too incredible, keep in mind that the average human swims around two miles an hour.

One thing they're not great at in water is diving though. Environmentalists say that their "thick fur coats with long hollow hairs", which insulate them from brutal cold, also makes them very buoyant in water.

Hudson Valley Wildlife Gallery

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What Do Moose Do with Their Time?

Biologists say that moose usually feed on the leaves, twigs, and buds of hardwood and softwood trees and shrubs. They're also very protective of their calves, according to the DEC. Sometimes moose like to roam, and sometimes their paths can cross the paths of humans.

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Many of their calves are born by late May into early June, so they can be very territorial this time of year. Just give them space, and don't do anything foolish like try to snap a selfie with one. You'll probably regret that.

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