Bus drivers are the first people students see in the morning and the last people they see they arrive home for the day, and the Monticello School District is honoring their Transportation Department for National Bus Safety Week.

National Bus Safety Week kicks off on Monday, October 19. The Monticello School district wanted to highlight its hard-working team that ensures the safety of more than 3,000 students each day.

Director of Transportation Robin Sklar said:

The kids look up to our drivers. They see the homes, the families, and the personal life that many teachers don’t have the opportunity to see. It’s a tough job, a moving classroom taught through a mirror, but Monticello kids are good. They do a good job of listening

During these times of COVID-19 the bus drivers are also serving as cleaners, with each driver disinfecting buses in-between runs, and they also deliver meals to students who are learning remotely.

The Monticello School District Transportation Department has 63 vehicles, 46 bus drivers, five mechanics, among many others. They transport over 3,000 students each day, as well as deliver 700 meals each day.


Honoring the Transportation Department