Some Hudson Valley fishermen had a pretty good scare while reeling in a fish that they call a "monster."

A group of local fishermen were out on their boat on Saturday when they started to reel in a fish that caught them by surprise. According to a video posted on YouTube, the group say that the rod bent right over while trying to haul in an enormous striped bass.

You can hear someone yell "are you kidding me right now?" as the camera gets a quick glimpse of the fish. The screen then goes dark as the group struggle to get the fish on board without having a net to assist them.

(Warning: NSFW language)

At about :26 seconds into the clip you can hear the group laughing with relief after getting the fish onto the boat. Someone picks up the camera once again to reveal the catch of the day: a 35 inch striped bass.

Of course, it's not even close to the state record, which according to the DEC was a 53-inch bass caught in the same waters back in 2014. But still, something to be pretty proud of.

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