In an open letter to Cadillac, GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro requested that they return $1 million grant given to them by Gov. Cuomo to spruce up their headquarters.

In the open letter, Molinaro states that Governor Cuomo allegedly gave $1 million to Cadillac to spruce up its SOHO headquarters in New York City after receiving $31,500 in political donations from the General Motors PAC.

Molinaro states that the taxpayers need the money more than Cadillac does. In the letter Molinaro says:

A million dollars is a paltry amount to America’s iconic luxury automotive brand, but it can mean a lot to New Yorkers in need. It could pay for wheelchair accessibility ramps, special needs school teachers, or improvements at senior citizen centers, for example

Molinaro states that a PAC donation of $31,500 for $1 million in tax dollars "doesn't pass the smell test in his book" and "is just wrong".

Molinaro stated that he is sure that there is a New York charity that is worth Cadillac's generosity.