In June 2019, long-time New York Mets fan Alex Swanson brought his three sons to Citi Field to watch the team scare off against the San Francisco Giants. All was going well, until Swanson was blasted in the eye by a cotton t-shirt shot out of a cannon.

The impact was so hard, according to Swanson, that it knocked him unconscious and almost caused him to lose his eyesight. Now Swanson is suing.

The NY Daily News says that Swanson walked down to the rail to hopefully catch a shirt, when he noticed the person operating the cannon having some trouble. The operator tried to fix the problem, only to launch the shirt and hit the 54 year-old father from Smithtown.

Staff took him to the nurses station, though he refused to go to the hospital. The NY Daily News reports that the CAT scan results the next day revealed that he had suffered a concussion and severe eye trauma.

Swanson wants to see the t-shirt cannons banned.

First and foremost they should stop using that gun. It bothers me because it could have hit a little kid. I don’t know why they use them anymore.

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