"We're at a loss for words to describe the devastation in southern Turkey and northern Syria."

Metallica shared their lament and sorrow on social media as the world continues to confront the horrific outcomes of a recent earthquake in the two countries.

"The 7.8 magnitude earthquake has reduced the entire region to rubble," the band wrote. "The death toll continues to rise, tragically exceeding 36,000 lives lost."

In response to the devastation they've seen, Metallica and their philanthropic foundation, All Within My Hands, have stepped up to assist in the relief efforts already taking place. They will be giving a $125,000 grant to Direct Relief and a $125,000 grant to World Central Kitchen.

Just four days ago, Direct Relief committed $3 million in support to aid Turkey and Syria, and they've shipped vitamins and cardiovascular medications to Syria Relief & Development. World Central Kitchen has been distributing food in different cities, including giving out 2,000 kebabs and sausage rolls in Hatay Province.

As All Within My Hands noted in a press release, "We remain committed to supporting both because of their ability to reach the source of destruction and provide aid to the affected communities and individuals. Direct Relief and WCK have had boots on the ground providing hands-on relief since the day after the quakes hit."

You can learn more about Direct Relief here and World Central Kitchen here.

Metallica recently shared that they raised $3 million for All Within My Hands through their third Helping Hands Benefit Concert and Auction. Their current commitment to supporting relief efforts in Turkey and Syria is one of many ways All Within My Hands serves communities across the world.

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The earthquake struck on Feb. 6; it is the deadliest earthquake in Turkey since 1939. The earthquake was followed by an aftershock with a magnitude of 7.5. At the time of this writing, The New York Times reports that the death toll has exceeded 40,000 in Turkey and Syria. "Millions of children are in need of urgent humanitarian support because of the earthquake," the Times reported, quoting the United Nations Children's Fund. You can read more on updates and relief efforts here.