Metallica's philanthropic foundation All Within My Hands announced Monday, April 3, that it will be giving $150,000, split between three separate organizations, to provide assistance and relief to areas affected by severe weather in the United States.

The first two organizations that will receive grants are working together to help communities that are still recovering from multiple tornadoes that hit Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia on March 24. Team Rubicon and Direct Relieve will each be granted $50,000 to aid in their relief.

Team Rubicon is one of the only non-profits of its kind as they assess damage for areas affected by severe weather and then follow that assessment by clearing trees and debris from roadways. Direct Relief has received grants from All Within My Hands before as they are active in sending medical supplies and providing emergency care to places in need.

The third organization receiving a $50,000 grant is the Monterey County Storm Relief Fund, which will help those affected by severe winter storms in Monterey County, California. Not only did this area endure damaging storms, but the Pajaro levee was breached, which "forced nearly 2,000 members of the community of Pajaro to evacuate. Some residents will be unable to return home for weeks, relying on county evacuation centers for support."

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In addition to announcing the grants, All Within My Hands has also used this as an opportunity to raise awareness of these three organizations, inviting others to learn more about their work and to help support their efforts if possible.

"We greatly admire the many volunteers and first responders who selflessly dedicate their time and skills to assisting others when the need is greatest," Metallica said in an article published on their official website.

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Most recently, All Within My Hands supported two organizations with grants of $125,000 each to provide relief efforts in Turkey and Syria following the massive and tragic earthquakes that occurred in February.

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