This is another case where you sometimes wonder who exactly is handling the food you eat. An employee at a meat processing and distribution company in New York is accused of tampering with the very meat that is sent to our local stores.

Officials have not said why exactly the employee resorted to doing such a thing, but the suspect has been arrested and charged.

ABC says the person in question was working at the AVA Companies in Hicksville, NY at the time of the alleged tampering. Fox 5 says the 38-year-old suspect from Hempstead placed a coin in a package of meat Thursday night. Officials say the tampering resulted in a loss of around $400. ABC says the suspect was arrested Friday and was charged with criminal mischief, tampering with customer product, and criminal nuisance.

NY Man Destroys Place After Being Asked to Leave

Is it so much to ask to keep your pants on in public? It allegedly was for one brazen customer, and now the owner and employees of a restaurant in New York are left having to pick up after this man's angry tirade. The incident happened in June 2022 and the shocking encounter was all captured on surveillance video, according to the New York Post. 

The owner of the restaurant says this is not the first time they've had problems with this no-pants-wearing troublemaker.

No Pants, NO Service!

The Post says the suspect was asked to leave the 4 Choices & A Soup earlier that day for not wearing any pants. Employees say that while he is a regular at the establishment in Flushing, he has caused problems before. The owner told the Post that they've caught him urinating in front of the store, and he was even spotted with absolutely no clothes on one day.

Broken glass in car .

But after being asked to leave the restaurant, the suspect had other plans in mind.

The Post says the same man allegedly returned that afternoon with a hammer and proceeded to smash every glass window, glass door, and the area near the food as possible. The owner says the man is not mentally well and that they thought he may have been off his meds this particular day. The restaurant went on to say that one day when he takes his medication is pretty normal.

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