Spooky Halloween Happy meals are rumored to be returning to Hudson Valley McDonalds. The web and social media along with YouTube are all a buzz that the Happy Meal Halloween bucket is making its return after a 4-year absence.

According to GeekTyrant.com Mc Punkin, McBoo, and McGoblin who I think should be called McWitch will all be returning to area McDonalds for a limited time while supplies last to area McDonald's Restaurants.

Which Hudson Valley McDonalds with Have Halloween Buckets?

Happy Meal via YouTube AllAbout-News
Happy Meal via YouTube AllAbout-News

We haven't been able to get you the exact locations for which Mcdonald's will be offering the buckets. We can assume that all Hudson Valley McDonalds will have them but you know what happens when you assume.

Is McDonald's Bringing Back the Halloween Happy Meal?

I have reached out to Mcdonald's on the official Facebook page but as of the publishing of this article, I have not heard back from them with specifics. One source close to Mcdonald's in Dutchess County says that the Halloween buckets will be available in Dutchess County starting October 18th, 2022. It will be while supplies last and they expect them to go quickly. This same source also says it will be a different bucket each week.

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I reach out to another Mcdonald's source who was unaware of the promotion and said they would look into it and get back to me. So this is either a badly kept secret or some area McDonald's Restaurant will be getting the buckets while others won't. We will keep you updated as the release date draws closer.

Here are some of the online sources we found on YouTube

Trending Now via YouTube is promoting Mcdonald's Halloween Buckets

AllAbout - News via YouTube seem to think they are coming and gives us a bit

90s Nostalgia via YouTube shared a 1990s commercial. I hope this year's buckets glow in the dark too.

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