Well, this is getting ugly.

It turns out that the mayor of Danbury was not happy with an article I wrote last week. And I guess I can't blame him.

After hearing an advertisement for the Hat City Beer Festival in Danbury I decided to find out what this whole "Hat City" thing was about. It turns out that Danbury used to sell a bunch of hats in the 1800s. It's been centuries since the hat factories went out of business, but for some reason, the city can't seem to let it go. What makes it even more pathetic is that Beacon was just as much of a "Hat City" as Danbury was, if not more.

So I figured I'd have some fun at Danbury's expense, poking fun at just how many businesses are named "Hat City" and wondering aloud why Danbury just can't seem to move on like Beacon has. Well, that apparently ruffled a few feathers with Danbury residents.

I received a message from Danbury native, Mike Milano, who wrote

Hey Boris kind of messed up that you dissed the city of Danbury not cool man won't you come down here then give it a try it's not only about hats

Another Danbury citizen went right to the Mayor, tattling, er, Tweeting him a link to my story.

That's when things took a weird turn. Imagine my surprise when the Mayor of Danbury decided to chime in, threatening to throw down with yours truly. In a tweet from the mayor's official Twitter account, Mark Boughton wrote that he's ready to "throw the hands."

According to the urban dictionary, "throw the hands" means "When you knuckle-up and start swinging with the intention of beating a mother@$!% down." That's right, the mayor of Danbury says that he's intending to kick my ass.

Well. That escalated quickly.

I'm going to assume that Mayor Boughton has a great sense of humor, and his tweet was made with the same humorous spirit that my snarky story about Danbury's hat obsession was written. So for those of you hoping for a throw-down, I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. Unless, of course, my response to the mayor puts him over the edge.

You don't think he'll really come to Poughkeepsie and try to beat me up, do you? Just in case, I'm hoping that the citizens of the real Hat City in Beacon will come to my rescue. You've got my back, right?

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