Aside from the many uplifting, and maybe a few scary, stories you hear about the George Floyd protests, there's always a few weird ones as well. This definitely leans more towards the scary side, but it's also got some people scratching their heads. What was this guy thinking?

The Gothamist reports that a man allegedly attacked a small group of protesters Tuesday in Whitestone, Queens. But it's this man's choice of weaponry that's what's making the headlines. Witnesses says the man was brandishing four knives that were strapped to his right arm on some sort of contraption. Not something you see everyday.

The video of this encounter might make one think of a crudely done attempt to copy the comic book character Wolverine's famous claw. Or maybe he's trying to be Freddy Krueger? Who knows?

Looks like he didn't appreciate what the protesters were trying to accomplish. After an initial verbal exchange, the man can be seen making a U-turn, and then pulling up near the small group. That's when he jumps out of vehicle and swings his four-bladed weapon at several of the people .He can be heard yelling at the protesters claiming they threw something at his car. This when the small group scatters and says to each other to call the police.

Police say the man was arrested Thursday after turning himself in. The NY Post says the suspect has been hit with a number of charges. Police describe the man as a "known troublemaker", who's been arrested multiple times.

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