Talk about an unlucky day. A routine Sunday night trip with her kids to the grocery store turned very sour for one poor woman, according to sources. The woman said when she reached the freezer aisle, she went to open the freezer door to grab a packet of pizza rolls. But what the unsuspecting mother felt didn't quite feel like a normal packet of frozen food. The woman said she felt something "smushy" on the rolls. Something was not right. No, it was not.

I pick up a bag of pizza rolls and there’s literally s***. Human s***. Excuse my language.

Police confirmed the foreign substance adorning the packets was indeed human feces. The woman said that there was even another pack of pizza rolls that had been placed on top of the soiled pack in an attempt to cover it up. Apparently, the mystery crapper tried to cover his tracks. The woman said she told store employees and attempted to wash her hands as soon as possible. She also told sources that she bleached and disinfected her hands as well, though she said her kids kept telling her that they could still smell it.

Police said the alleged perpetrator can be seen on surveillance in the freezer section of the store that fateful night. Officials say he opened one of the doors and proceeded to relieve himself inside one of the freezers on top of one of the packets. There is no word why he wasn't able to make it the nearest men's rooms in time before ruining an entire row of pizza rolls. The investigation, as well the search for this phantom crapper continues.

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