The Hudson Valley's favorite cookie has returned for the winter and some stores are practically giving them away this week.

The famed cookies first went on sale back in 1913 and were only sold from September through March.  The reason was due to warm weather melting the chocolate as it was delivered to stores.  Today, refrigerated trucks could easily solve that problem, but the hysteria surrounding "Mallomar Season" has made the summer intermission of sales more of a marketing decision than a practical one.

Early sightings of Mallomars have been reported throughout the Hudson Valley, with stacks of yellow boxes starting to pile up on grocery store shelves. In order to cash in on the feeding frenzy, some local stores are offering hefty discounts on the limited-time treat.

Mallomars usually sell for over $3 a box, but some stores are cutting prices to allow customers to get their cookie fix and stock up for the long winter ahead. Walmart is usually the home to the biggest discounts, but when it comes to Mallomars, they are probably your most expensive option this week.  As of Tuesday morning, the cookies were listed for the full price of $3.24 a box.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Stop and Shop is offering customers the chance to get two boxes of Mallomars this week for just $3. And while that would be an excellent deal any time of the year, another local store has them beat. On Monday a huge display in front of the Shoprite store in Poughkeepsie announced that Mallomares are just $2.49 a box. In addition to the sale, there is also a digital coupon for $1.50 on Mallomars, which brings the final price to just 99 cents a box.

Why do we love Mallomars so much?  It may just be a New York thing.  An incredible 70% of all Mallomar sales come from the New York metropolitan area every year.  And with sales just starting to hit the Hudson Valley,  it's a great time to stock up and enjoy. But make sure to savor them, because we only have 6 months of Mallomar season left.


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