It's been said before that recalls are nothing new in the automotive industry, however when multiple recalls are rolled in a relatively short time frame, things can get a little messy. That is what has been going on recently with American auto giant Ford, as multiple recent recalls have been rolled out and impacted many of the companies incredibly popular vehicles.

Ford F-150

The first of the recent recalls that was issued was for arguably the most popular vehicle out of all of the vehicles that Ford produces, that vehicle being the Ford F-150. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, the recall was for an issue with the vehicles transmission.


Specifically, the issue is that a loss of signal between the transmission output shaft speed sensor and the powertrain control module could cause an unexpected downshift into first gear. This could lead to loss of vehicle control and increase risk of crashing.

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The NHTSA website all put out an urgent alert that the vehicles should not be driven. It is important to note that this recall applies to the 2014 F-150 models. This is not the first time this particular issue has impacted F-150's as Consumer Report noted that Ford issued two seperate recalls for the same problem back in 2019 for F-150's manufactured between 2011-2013.


In total this recent recall on the 2014 models is estimated to potentially impact over 500,000 vehicles (552,188 total). Good news is that the issue appears to be fixable via a software update to the truck’s powertrain control module (PCM). As with recalls, the fix comes free of charge.

Ford F-Super Duty F-650 and F-750

The next recall mentioned was for both the 2025 Ford F-Super Duty F-650 and F-750 vehicles. According to the safety report from the NHTSA, the recall was for a potentially faulty front axle.

Affected vehicles may contain tie rod ball studs that were improperly heat treated and may crack and break. A tie rod ball stud that fails may lead to front axle tie rod disconnection from the steering knuckle and the passenger-side wheel may become disconnected to the steering system....

The report goes on to state that the issue is a result of a batch of ball studs that underwent an experimental heat treat process into production stock that were then installed into tie rod assemblies.

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This recall however impacts far fewer vehicles in comparison. According to the report and USA Today, only 2605 vehicles have been affected by the recall. The correciton for vehicles that do experience is a replacement of the front axle tie rod.

Ford F-150...Again???

Yes again. Though the previously mentioned recall applied to the older 2014 F-150's, this next recall for the F-150 applies to the much newer 2024 models. According to the NHTSA's report, the 2024 F-150's could potentially have faulty windshields that may lead to detachment.

Essentially what this means is that for the estimated 4361 affected vehicles, is that basically your windshield was glued on right. This would mean that the vehicles do not meet the standards of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 212, "Windshield Mounting."


The remedy hear would be the same as it would be if your windshield was cracked, Ford will remove, replace and reinstall a new windshield.

Ford Mustang

The last of the recent recalls from Ford is for another incredibly popular vehicle and definitely that grabs attention when you see them out on the road. That vehicle would be the Ford Mustang.

According to the report from the NHTSA, this recall applies to over 30,000 (30,735) of the 2022-2023 Mustangs for an apparent steering sensor issue. Apparently the steering sensor was calibrated incorrectly which could to the steering wheel oscillating or turning without warning. Obviously a wheel turning unexpectedly could lead to increased crash risk.


According to the report and USA Today like all of the other recalls previously mentioned, Ford will be fixing them for owners of affected vehicles free of charge. That fix would be via a software update. Likewise, if one has had to pay for repairs out of pocket prior to the recall, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Ford has already begun the process of notifying all owners of all vehicles in these recent recalls of the potential problems their vehicles may face so that owners may schedule times to bring their vehicles in for assessment and repair if needed.

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