Over the past year we've grown to appreciate the great outdoors more than ever. Parks and walkways became popular destinations, as people needed somewhere to go amid the numerous lockdowns and restrictions. Now, as the restrictions lift and temperatures warm up, we head back outside to enjoy nature once again, The only problem is that some clown dumped over 100 hundred tires in a popular outdoor pathway, according to police.

Hudson Valley 12 is reporting that Westchester Police are investigating after someone reportedly dumped over 100 tires in the Bronx River Pathway near Scarsdale Road. police are not sure exactly what happened but feel that the offender(s) drove up the pathway and dropped the tires. One cyclist told HV 12 that is was probably someone who worked in the auto and tire industry who didn't want to pay the recycling fee. Westchester County Parks says the tires should be removed by Friday.

The Bronx River Pathway as described on their website as a "807-acre picturesque backdrop", that "spans central Westchester in three sections, totaling nine miles from Valhalla to Yonkers.". It is a popular destination for walkers, joggers and cyclists looking to get away from the crowds and congestion in the lower part of the Hudson Valley and the Bronx.

Littering is not cool, people. Let everyone enjoy nature, and not have to deal with a bunch of trash and other litter. Perhaps this is why New York was named one of America's grossest states? A website called Zippia put together a list of America's grossest states, and New York came in at #10. Zippia took data from the dirtiness of the air, trash, or the percentage of each state that is landfill, and spread if illness.

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