There are some people that eat ice cream only in the summertime. There are others that eat it all year long. If you are one of those people that enjoys your ice cream no matter what the temperature is, then I have some great news for you. Dairy Queen on Route 9 in Hyde Park is officially open for the season. And it’s only January.

I remember just a few years ago, or what seems like just a few years ago, the ice cream places around here didn’t officially open their doors until March at the earliest. And even that seemed a little early. What’s changed over the years? I

s it the covid pandemic? Now that so many people are choosing to do take out, have the ice cream places decided to get in on it? Or maybe it’s because a place like Dairy Queen sells so many other foods that it makes sense to be open most of the year, even if a lot of people are not buying ice cream. In any case, I know I like a vanilla cone dipped in cherry just about any time of the year, so this is good news for me and people like me.

The truth is, more and more “seasonal” businesses are staying open throughout the year. Dairy Queen sells so much more than ice cream and they always seem to have a crowd of people. So, why not stay open for a good part of the year? In a time when we see more and more businesses having to either close or cut their hours, this is a refreshing article about a business that has decided to stay open longer. I’m all for that.

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