According to New York state Comptroller's Office, the Town of Wallkill Court generated $3.6 million dollars in revenue in 2015. This leads the entire state of New York, according to the Times Herald. 

The employees at the court are certainly busy. In 2015, Walkill had over twenty one thousand cases.

Not bad for a town of under thirty thousand residents.

Wallkill Supervisor Dan Depew says that the addition of Justice Peter Green has helped speed up a lot of defendants' cases.

Green is now the third judge working at the courthouse.

Another big factor is Walkill's location and proximity to the area's major highways. More roads, more cars, more money.

Depew says that they had 17,510 vehicle and traffic cases in 2015, with around sixty percent of that coming from NY state police.

The Times Herald says that along with Walkill, town courts from Newburgh, Ulster, Woodbury and New Paltz finished in New York's top fifty for revenue in 2015.