A local brewery has gone viral after creating what they believe is the ultimate pumpkin beer.

This time of year beer drinkers either rejoice or cringe as pumpkin beers begin flooding store shelves. Beer purists turn their nose up at the spicy cinnamon concoctions, while others can't seem to get enough of the pumpkin spice beers.

Sloop Brewing in Elizaville posted a video to their Facebook page this week explaining how they were on a quest to brew the world's best pumpkin beer. According to the video which has over 14 thousand views, the brewers scoured the globe for the very best vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander. After trying different concoctions and combining different ingredients they decided on the perfect recipe for a pumpkin beer:

Leave out the pumpkin and just make it an IPA.

Obviously, the guys at Sloop are on the side of those anti-pumpkin beer drinkers. Like their gourd-hating brethren, they think it's silly to ruin a perfectly good beer by putting pumpkin in it.

The No-Pumpkin is a classic American IPA. And while there's no pumpkin in the beer, there is one on the label, so you can at least look festive while not having to choke down a mouthful of carbonated nutmeg.

No Pumpkin is available on draft starting today and in cans at the taproom in Elizaville on a limited basis while supplies last.