Has the global pandemic changed the way we shop? Is it me, or is there a trend toward shopping where smaller crowds would gather rather than big stores and malls? I think the trend was starting before the pandemic, but more people seem to appreciate it now. There seem to be more local artisan fairs and more interest in local makers and artists. And I’m all for the chance to buy from local makers and artists and keep my money here in the Hudson Valley. 

The Hudson Valley is full of talented artists, and they make unique gifts that you won’t find at the big department or jewelry stores. Handmade items that were created by our talented neighbors right here in the Hudson Valley. That’s the kind of gift I want to be known for giving. If you feel that way too, make plans to head to Poughkeepsie on the weekend of Dec. 4 and 5. 

The Dutchess Handmade Pop-Up Shop “pops up” only twice a year with incredible items created in the Hudson Valley. Locally made glass, jewelry, greeting cards, textiles, ceramics, wood, products, prints, paintings, home, decorating items and more. The Pop-Up will be at the Trolley Barn at 489 Main Street in Poughkeepsie both Saturday Dec. 4 and Sunday Dec. 5 from 10AM - 5PM.

If you're looking for that perfect and unique gift for the person who seems to have everything, check out the Dutchess Handmade Pop-Up shop. Chances are that you’ll find something for everyone on your holiday gift list, and maybe a little something for yourself too.

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