A photographer got caught on the Hudson River and captured this incredible lightning storm as it traveled through Poughkeepsie.

The Hudson Valley was hit with some massive electrical storms over the weekend. Those who got caught in the middle of the quick moving clouds know just how violent the thunder and lightning actually was. Unfortunately, several people were struck by lightning in Mansion Square Park on Friday, claiming one life and leaving two others with serious injuries. It goes without saying that being outdoors in a lightning storm is not a very safe place to be.

Justin Farrisi from 4EC Photography found himself on the Mid Hudson Bridge on Saturday night as a lightning storm quickly appeared over the Hudson River. With his camera still rolling, Farrisi captured some incredible lightning bolts as they hit the Walkway Over the Hudson.

Now you know why the Walkway is diligent about clearing everyone off of the span whenever a storm is nearby. A lightning strike like the one captured by Farrisi would surely be deadly to anyone who was in its direct path.